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Finding My Morel Compass

How to find morels: Tips from a pro forager

Confessions of a Forager

I'm not supposed to tell you these things.

Where to find them. How to find them. That the feral world at the edge of our civilization is spilling over with a bounty of edibles ... 

Searching for Rainier

Into the Wilds of One of the World's Most Massive Volcanoes


The mountain roils with scent. Damp earth and moss. Spring seeping up. Then pine, wet stone, and glacial dust being washed downstream. Summer arrives, exploding with the yellow scent of wildflowers and drying earth. Fall is all leaves, evergreen, and a world of mycology fruiting. It is downed needles and duff so sweet ...

Snow Patrol

Adventures at Whistler/Blackcomb.

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